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这个名为 CHDK 的「软件破解档」(严格来说是个软件附加档,因为它并没有改变相机里的软件)已经出现在网络上一段时间了,但随着最近支持的相机越来越多,它也愈来愈受到瞩目。目前这个破解档是针对 Canon 的 Digic II 芯片开发的,支持的相机有 A610、A620、A630、A640、A700、A710、S2 IS 和 S3IS,另外 A540 和 S80 正在开发中的样子。

装上破解档后可以增加的新功能有 RAW 拍摄、色谱曲线图、景深计算器、电池容量(一个 Canon 很不喜欢做的功能 = =)、网格线(早期的几台没有)、Zebra Mode(显示过曝的区域)、高压缩影片等,甚至还可以写自已的小程序,让相机进行 Exposure Bracketing 之类的动作。当然,为了展现程序设计师的功力,里头还包一个数据夹浏览器、月历、文字文件阅读器(可以看电子书喔)、「手电筒模式」(把屏幕变全白)、甚至还有两个小游戏。

CHDK 虽然是「附加档」,但 Canon 已经表示安装这个程序将会使保固失效,所以请小心使用。不过话说回来,这年头大部份的 Digic II 相机本来也就没保固了,如果是在乎功能多于像素的朋友,倒不妨买台便宜的二手 Canon 回来改装改装呢!


  • Shooting in RAW, with RAW Average, RAW Sum, and RAW Develop features
  • Live histogram (RGB, blended, luminance and for each RGB channel)
  • Zebra mode (live-view under/over-exposure subject-area alerts)
  • DOF-calculator, Hyperfocal-calculator with instant Hyperfocal and Infinity focus-set, and more
  • Battery indicator
  • RAW and Video space-remaining gauges with custom low-limit alerts
  • Scripts execution (exposure/focus/bracketing, intervalometer and more)
  • USB-cable remote shutter-release
  • Motion-Detection triggered photography (fast enough to capture lightning strikes)
  • Customizable high-speed continuous (burst) Tv, Av, ISO, and Focus bracketing (unlimited shots)
  • 99 constant bit-rate and 10 constant-quality video compression levels
  • 1 Gig video-size limit removed in earlier cameras
  • Zoom during video for cameras without
  • Shutter, Aperture, and ISO Overrides (shutter speeds of 64" to 1/10,000" and higher)
  • High-speed Flash Sync at all speeds up to 1/64,000 second (even faster in some cameras)
  • Custom framing, cropping, and alignment viewfinder Grids (user editable)
  • File browser
  • Text reader
  • Calendar
  • Some fun tools and games :)
  • Fully customizable CHDK display, info placement, user-colors, fonts in menus, etc.
  • Custom CHDK User-Menu (for instant recall of up to 10 favorite functions)
  • And other features too numerous to mention here. See the CHDK Firmware and Allbest Firmware usage pages for a more complete overview.

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